Saturday, April 01, 2006


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Field Tripping

Today I took a group of 30 students to LaGuardia High School for a concert given by the Orchestra of St. Luke's. A colleague and parent attended as well and helped "herd" the students. There is so much planning involved in taking a field trip! I realize now that much of what I did to prepare for this trip was linked to technology and communicating via internet and through surveys online and such. The experience was wonderful but I think it would have been interesting to have background information on a website that is visually stimulating. Students don't always respond positively to written assignments such as journal entries. With the aid of an interactive website with information about the repertoire and musicians, students could gain a greater understanding for the performances they see and hear.

Monday, February 27, 2006

NYYS Concert

Yesterday I attended a concert at Carnegie Hall. I went to hear the New York Youth Symphony (the group I managed last year as orchestra manager). The concert was great! The students, aged 12-22 performed a new piece that was premiered yesterday, Ravel Piano Concerto No.1 (with guest soloist Benjamin Grosvenor age 13), Monteverdi Vespers (not the whole thing) and Stravinsky's Rite of Spring. You may ask what this has to do with music education and technology. Well. . .I was thinking about it when I was listening to this fabulous music. These young people seemingly have little anxiety and nervousness over playing in front of hundreds of people on one of the world's most famous stages! I was just considering how the use of interactive technology could help the musicians review their performance or perhaps stream it to students around the world! To posess such skill, composure, and talent at such a young age is really a blessing and the future of elite performance entities such as top youth symphonies really depends on exposure and appreciation. There is no way for me, or anyone else to tell someone about the impacts of such performances on a person. The only way to be touched by such beauty is to actually hear it and technology can be a tool to disperse the music to a wider audience.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

High School project?

As I met with my mentor from the NYC board of education today, I considered how much technlogy can be used in our classrooms to aid in student comprehension. I had the flu two weeks ago and found myself dumbfounded in class last week talking about flash and creating "buttons" I consider myself fairly quick to learn when it comes to computers and finding stuff on the internet and my laptop quickly. However, missing that one week really brought me back and I now understand how important it is to learn every step and not skip over anything when it comes to these multimedia expression forms.
In regards to my students, I would never attempt to teach them the intracacies of flash or html. . .because I teach a performance class and they would be best suited learning this material from a computer teacher. However, I think technology, in many forms, can be very useful in a music classroom and I want to develop ways in which my students can use these tools.
For instance, I teach one period of "special education" every day and for some reason the text book is extremely dry and full of boring black-and-white pictures. I consulted with the assistant principal about changing the course into a "science of sound" class. In this ideal course, I could use tools like flash where the students worked on creating their own "videos" with my help and we could work collectively on creating music to match the animation. I think they would enjoy something along these lines and it would turn the course into something very hands-on and interactive so the students would be able to explore other avenues of creativity.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Hello! My name is Kara and this is my first post. I am taking a computer assisted class this semester with Dr.'s Gilbert and Yen. I hope to become more comfortable with my use of technology in relation to music and music education. I think it will be a very valuable learning experience for us all.